The Popular Kid

Character(s) : The Popular Kid

Life of the Party.
Alpha of the pack.
The Prom king.

He is The Popular Kid. Suave as always, with his mesmerizing blue eyes and if you look deep enough, I swear it will seem as if you will fall into them and get lost. Alongside his fine chiseled nose and well defined jawline. Flawless.

You either know him or heard about him. Guys envy his looks and girls lust over him (some guys too). Some say he is the definition of perfection.

However, even perfection itself, has its own flaws. He has his own stories. His close friends are his readers, they heard his stories and understand him well.


He often questions himself who his real friends are. Perhaps from the many “friends” who left. Those who made use of him for the many benefits his popularity brought – as much as they could get out of him at least. It’s funny how the people he held dear to used to be countless. He could vividly remember how they casted him aside and exploited his good faith. Their actions shook the very foundation of his belief in friendship and that led to a chain effect, causing him to possess misgivings even to his closest friends.

Trust is something he now cherishes deeply. He will smile at you out of courtesy and ask you out for dates, or maybe even hook up with you if you are lucky. However to be a part of his story is near impossible. The fear of trusting others is still eating into him. The walls which he built before still exists and continue to, even if it means rejecting others. Why should he be apologetic for acting this way when no one was, for turning him to what he has become now.

Don’t get me wrong. Deep down, he still seeks true friendship yet the unseen risk of what lies beyond isn’t one he is willing to step into. Not so soon, he tells himself all the time. Just another happy fleeting moment will be ample.

It’s ironic how everyone envies his life when he is envious of the way they open up to others easily. It reminds him of what he used to be like. His old group of “cool, perfect friends” was nothing but a facade. A poor one if he is to say. The secrets and betrayals within the group were like venom. He, was the victim of the poison.

As time passes, he convinces himself to put the past behind and find something better in the future. Deep down, he still struggles with opening up. He doesn’t trust his judgements. Not anymore. They were flawed in his own eyes.

“Not so soon…” He tells himself.


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