The Vixen

Character(s): The Vixen & The Player


You see her as The Vixen. She was the reason you are drowning yourself in sorrow yet she shows no signs of sympathy. You wish you can wipe that smirk off her face. It’s clear that she won. She has him in the palm of her hands and you? You’re Alone.

Her story has no readers, she kept it all to herself. How did it happen? Why did it happen? She remains mum about it. Subconsciously, she admits that what she did was out of line. Since then she has not uttered a single word about it. This is her secret story.

She has bright eyes which glisten with an apprehensive eagerness that compensate for the stillness of her timid lips. Her innocent smile seem to be full of life it makes you feel like reciprocating. A girl who was once reserve and humble. It is essential that before I begin this story, you have to understand she was a far cry from what she is now. You are probably reading this with doubt. But trust me when I say she used to believe in true love. She still is. The only thing that changed? Her perception of what True Love meant.

She met Him with no ill intentions. Just friends. Or so, that’s what she thought. It wasn’t a simple feat to remain just friends with the way he continuously flirted with her. She brushed her feelings off as an infatuation, time would tell if he was the one.

It wasn’t long that she learnt about your existence. Part of her was furious at how he led her on constantly. She knew she was threading on thin ice and keeping her distance would only be appropriate. The texting stopped abruptly. Meet ups never happened. She left without a word.

Months passed with their relationship rekindling once more when he told her how much he yearned for her, that she was the one for him. Torn between tears of joy (that he chose her) and the frustration that he had her in a compromising situation, she chose the latter. She lashed out at him, with tears in her eyes, for all that he put her through.

Until he made a promise to her. A promise that she would never forget. The one which changed her forever.

To sever all ties with you. A break up. This way, being together was no longer immoral. He needed some time to break the news. He didn’t want to hurt you, or so he proclaimed.

She led an underground life of secrecy with him, dates were only possible when you were busy. It often ended with her questioning if he had any intentions of spilling the news yet.

This continued to a point when she could no longer contain her anger and unjust. She questioned herself why it should be kept a secret when the love was real. When this was True Love. Perhaps it was the suppressed anger she had towards herself that pushed her into confronting you that night. But when she left, she went off with her prized possession.

Him, The Player.


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