The Player

Character(s): The Player(s)


He loves the games and you know you do too. The only thing you both hate? Losing. But he’s the expert in the games. After all he is The Player. He never loses.

Flirting with the girls (and maybe guys) was something he has been doing since his teen years. One could not deny that he has been blessed with good genes. An athletic build, with a rich tan, alongside with his high cheekbones, bright and eager sky blue eyes and soft raven-black hair which glimmer under the sunlight. His smile will bring butterflies fluttering in your stomach within an instant. Yet, he could leave you with a broken heart as quick as how the butterflies came.

He isn’t the type to settle down. The Player always manages to convince himself there are endless opportunities out there and he loves the attention he gets. To be fair, who would deny him those rights?

Then again, who would have guessed that The Player had his heart broken one too many time? His story goes a long way back. When it came to an end, so did his feelings.

He used to be like you. Someone who loves the games (he still does) but is terrible at them. In order to triumph in the games, you must not be the type to commit. In other words, you have to be a Player.

Back then, he was just a foolish teen ready to sink deep into Love’s embrace. She was The Player, toying with his emotions the same way he’s been doing with yours now. When she was bored, the games came to a stop. He knew she had him like a puppet dangling on strings. It was as if she designed the games and he was the helpless player stuck in it.

He was fine with being on the losing end of the games. Contented that he had her full attention, all he had to do was satisfy her boredom, he believed he could change her. So he stayed in the games, waiting for her heart to be moved.

Eventually, as time went by, he was right. Love did find it’s way into her heart. She cut the strings she once held him so tightly with. The games were left unfinished, she was done with it. Gone, just like that.

The thing was, he wasn’t the one who moved her cold emotionless heart. He wasn’t the only player in the games. In Her games. It took him some time to absorb this new information, and when he did, his heart was torn to pieces. The next few months, he suffered from depression and melancholy, alongside with deep animosity towards her.

Ultimately, everyone recovers from a tough breakup. The real question is how? Perhaps you would just let time do the healing, till someone enters your life to fill up the void rotting deep within. With his feelings still stuck in the unfinished games, he embraced the empty void she left behind. It was time to start his own games.

It’s time to be The Player.


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