The Doodler

Character(s): The Doodler


A dreamer.

That’s what The Doodler is. He walks through life his mind on distant dreams yet his feet tread on empty vacuous words. A bluff. His reality revolves about his limitless ethereal world, leaving him caught between reality and his dreams.

Before I begin, you must know that there’s a fine line to be drawn between people who doodle out of boredom and The Doodler, himself. The Doodler lives in his dreams, he prefers his own solitude never thinking of popularity and wealth unlike The Popular Kid and The Millionaire. This is the story of The Doodler.

Most in their mid 20s would not consider him an ideal date. At least not for the long run. They would deem him immature, unreliable; failing to see the hidden virtues masked behind his blank facade. Patience and a remarkable capacity for creativity and the most elusive of all, hope; success is never far were his dreams to finally settle and on a firmed path. His ocean of creativity runs deep, it’s surface covered with wild and exciting waves carrying dreams that can lead you vicariously to pristine beaches that surpass the wildest dreams of many. Unrealistic some may say, but fantastical and alluring nevertheless.

To understand the maverick that is The Doodler, one first must understand his art. Random incoherent scribbles on sheets of paper to the powerful strokes of paint of the impressionist painting, are the windows that give us a glimpse into his feelings, his thoughts and aspirations. Where words have failed him, his artwork has become his outlet. Papers and pens became his best friends. His confidant. Just like how blogging became mine.

Many have tried to put psychological definitions into the art of The Doodler. To decipher his work and put a name to it. To limit his creativity, to label his drawings based on what they see fit. This is but human nature. We tend to label objects or people we do not understand. The refusal to accept something for what it is drives us to this. We claim to be “researching” them for a greater good but it’s the curiosity within that pushes us even further. When we can’t satisfy our curiosity, we lower the bar as we seem fit. We lower The Doodler’s creativity into “psychological work”.

The Doodler is but a free spirit, you can’t and shouldn’t try to hold him down. Instead, let him venture his limitless ethereal world. There’ll be a time for him to snap back to reality.

When he does, it’ll be worth the wait.


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