The Denial

Character(s): The Denial


There are many ways to describe The Denial.

Stubborn. Is perhaps one way to describe him. The countless times you find your blood boiling when you try conversing with him. Let’s not even get started with trying to prove your point in each and every debate.

Though you must not deny that The Denial has a unique mindset of his own. While others may exhibit a lack of conviction, faltering to their doubts, he stands firm to his judgements. He isn’t meant to be a follower. He is a leader. Then again, there are respectable leaders and less respectable ones.

The Denial excels in a team of followers. On the other hand, when working in hand with people of different mindset, it would be a challenge. While others might let leeway to different ideas and beliefs, this is non applicable to The Denial.

Delusional, is another way The Denial can portray himself as. When it comes to love, he plunges in head-first, blindly following his heart. This usually ends with unreciprocated feelings. Be that as it may, having two sides to a coin, while this is seen as foolish; one may call it devotion or loyalty.

For someone to be in self denial most of the time, he is considered to have a very high ego. Denial is considered as a defense mechanism for the mind, normally used by people to reject stress. Yet being overly reliant on denying truth to defend his pride, being in denial is more than just a defense mechanism to The Denial. It’s a habit.

And old habits die hard.


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