The Self Pity

Character(s): The Self Pity


How did he end up this way?
Why doesn’t anyone understand him?
Why is he alone ?

He indulges in self pity, his name speaks for itself. Most would ask him to get over himself, to stop being dramatic. They do not understand him and they never will. This is the story of The Self Pity.

How The Self Pity came to be goes a long way back. Back when his old friends used to mock at his intelligence and hurl hurtful remarks at his looks. How he would repeat those comments in his head, like a music on replay as they slowly became a part of his subconscious thoughts. They became permanent scars within him.

The Self Pity always compares himself to others, questioning why isn’t he as well off compare to them. Why isn’t he as popular as The Popular Kid, as rich as The Millionaire or as charming as The Player. His shortcoming is his blindness to see where he excels. As jealousy overcomes him, his self worth and confidence becomes negligible in his eyes. That’s when the pitying begins.

Late nights at home, he would have deep conversations in his head. These conversations would eat into his mind, polluting him with vile, negative thoughts that constantly haunt him in his daily life. All he wanted was something positive to enter his life. Someone to touch his heart, to make him smile once again.

Don’t think badly of his friends for not having his back as they used to care for him. However there’s a limit to how much sympathy one can give. Not everyone can be accommodating enough to The Self Pity. After all, everyone has problems of their own.

You should take a look into The Self Pity’s heart and see someone lacking of love. He needs someone with great amount of patience and genuine concern. Someone who will sympathize with him and try to know him from the inside-out.

Someone like The Understanding.


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