The Millionaire’s Son

Character(s): The Millionaire’s Son


Wealth and Money.

These are the what drew the materialistic people into his life. He could not understand what others saw in money. Is having your very own branded clothes that important? Why can’t people see past all the brands and labels? They are just clothes to label yourself as an “upper class” citizen. This is the story of The Millionaire’s Son.

He does not see what others see, for his life has always been like a bed of roses, never having to face financial difficulties or any difficulties at all to be exact. Asking him to understand what The Penniless has to go through, would be impossible.

Many would have the misconception that as The Millionaire’s Son, he would be obnoxious and arrogant, for wealth is always the root of all evil. Yet, I assure you, he is not. While money can easily get him many pleasures of life, he seeks simplicity in things, looks beyond all the materialistic goods and searches for good company. Friends who are just like him. Simple and humble.

He hates to be labeled as an “upper class” citizen. In fact, he hates any kind of labels. Is there a need to segregate people according to their wealth? Everyone is equal in his eyes.

Its important to understand that money does not turn all men evil and greedy. It helps them to see how fortunate they are and how unfortunate others can be. To be appreciative of what they have.

While having great fortune is a blessing, it could be one’s bane as well. Are those really your friends? Or are they your enemies cloak in disguise, sugar coating their words to exploit the most out of you?

Being The Millionaire’s Son, expectations are unavoidable. After all, he IS The Millionaire’s Son. People expect him to have his future plan out, expect him to be knowledgeable; basically, they expect him to be outstanding. They fail to see how he is but human. A simple teenager who has yet to explore his countless options in life. A lost sheep surrounded by wolves.

And in the sheep’s eyes, wealth and money isn’t everything there is to life. It’s time for him to walk his own path, to be The Independent.


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